A Salary or “Cash” Advance is not more than a 30-day loan that you take against your salary. A Salary advance is intended for mostly but not limited to times when sudden emergencies arise.

It’s with this need to provide instant and fast finance that we have made our application and processing processes of our GS Salary Advance instant, fast and efficient. We strongly believe that some things really can’t wait.

Why GS Cash Advance ?

  • Quick and instant
  • No collateral required
  • Reliable loan service
  • Transport process with no hidden costs
  1. NRC or Driver’s License or Passport
  2. Two (2) Latest Pay Slips
  3. Two (2) Months latest bank statement
  4. Pre-approved letters

A salary advance can be processed within 20 minutes once the requirements are provided by the applicant.

An applicant can apply for up to half their next expected salary?