Partner with GS Cash Advance.

Your perfect pathway to get set

Quick and Instant

Our efficiency aims to take the burden off your HR and Admin department in processing loans and cash advances.

Save on Zero registration costs

Eliminate  registration fees and costs with a GS Cash Advance partnership.

Quick and Easy application process

We have invested in the latest Customer Relationship Management system that allows us to process loans instantly.

Competitive interest rate

Our interest rates are very competitive and are calculated beforehand.

Country-wide branches

With 32 branches country-wide, we are ready to serve you any where in Zambia.

Win/Win Partnership

We have designed this product on a win-win basis. We believe this our partnership helps organisations in keeping a motivated workforce.

Our Partnership Process

Our partnership process is very simple but yet very efficient.


Memorandum of Understanding

Sign a win/win  MOU partnership.


Verification and Approval

Employee records and verification processes are set up.


Get Started.

Employees start applying for Salary advances.

Benefits of our Partnership
to your employees

We understand that some things really can’t wait, so our goal is to assist our customers to achieve more from their salaries without the stress of searching for collateral or security.

  • Non-collateral salary advance

    Our salary advances are collateral and security free.

  • Quick and Instant loans

    Our process is quick and Employees can get their cash in less than 20 minutes instantly.

  • Responsible lending

    Employees can only get up to half their salary to ensure they’re not stressed with debt. Before approving a salary advance, Loan officers requested the two months latest payslips and bank statements.

  •  Fixed interest rates and zero hidden fees

    We have fixed interest rates for our salary advances and zero hidden fees. This not only allows employees to plan for the future without fear of overcharges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GS Partnership?

GS Partnership is a salary mid-month service for organisations with a large workforce.

Is the Partnership open to private companies ?

Yes, GS Partnership is open to both private and public organisations.

How is the salary repayment done?

Loan repayments can be made directly via the payroll or bank deduct.

How are mid-month salary advances processed ?

Employees from companies with GS Partnership can apply for salary advances either directly to GS Cash Advance or through their HR department.

What benefit does the Employee get from the GS Partnership ?

These are some of the benefits Organisations get from the GS Partnership

  1. Lessens your Financial obligations.
  2. Saves your HR and Finance teams time and resources.
  3. Improves employee motivation and morale.

Can employees still visit a GS Cash Advance branch ?

Yes. Employees can still visit a GS Cash Advance branch.