Salary Advance

Get an instant salary advance to smoothen the journey to payday. Get started with a non-collateral cash advance.

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Short Term Loans

We offer short term loans with longer repayment periods. Our short term loans are instant and flexible.

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GS Partnership

GS Partnership is intended for companies in need of mid-month salary advances and short term loans for employees.

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Company overview

GS Cash Advance prides itself  for it’s quick and easy application and approval process that takes literally a few minutes.  We are among first Micro Financing companies in Zambia that took time to appreciate and understand our clients and their needs and that’s why we made the lending process easy and quick without any collateral involved.

Our Story

Our Mission

We bring convenience to our valued customers in the provision of innovative short term financial solutions in the most effective, efficient, sustainable and responsible manner.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred provider of financial solutions in Africa, offering customer centric services designed to uplift the well-being of our clients

Our Goals

  • To be the most preferred, leading, sustainable, digitally savvy, and responsible micro finance organisation in Africa by 2050.
  • To be a good citizen in our operating environment committed to uplifting people through offering micro finance products.

Our Values

Our core values are premised on the word “INSPIRES” and are described below
Invest in the potential of our people
Nurture the truest relationships with our clients
Serve our customers with diligence
Plan and Prepare for the future
Innovate and Improve at all times
Reward integrity, accountability and commitment
Excel in our service to our clients
Surprise and delight with a Smile.
We value good corporate governance principles that are always being upheld to ensure maximum disclosure of all dealings within the organization and with others.

Who we are

GS Cash Advance offers cash advance to our clients and our return on investment is realized when our clients pay back on time. We are serious about our commitment to responsible lending and offering the best service to our clients.

Why GS Cash Advance

Our service is ;

  • Quick – Our loans and Cash advance are processed in record time.
  • Easy and Convient  – Our service process is easy.  We are always striving to make it even easier.
  • Affordable – We offer affordable and competitive rates for our loans.

Our Commitment to our community

  • Transparent -we calculate the total amount repayable upfront, showing you the figures clearly before you apply. We include the interest and the full cost to ensure it is crystal clear, plus we never change the rate we charge.
  • Flexible – The amount you apply for and the length of the loan naturally affects the cost of repayment too, so you can make adjustments until you’re happy with all basics of your application repayments.
  • Trust – We place importance on building a responsible and trusting relationship with you. First time clients can initially apply for a cash advance upon repaying your first loan, we may gradually increase the next amount of borrowing.

Our Story

Our story starts with one small branch in Mazabuka in 2012.  Through peserverance and dedication to serving our customers we are now in all the major districts in Zambia.  With over 32 branches and we still growing.


We moved our head office from Mazabuka to a more central location in Lusaka at Woodlands Mall. With growth of our branch network and customer base, there was a need to move the administration to a more central location.


We rebranded in 2019. We believed there was need to refresh our brand and that we needed to communicate our values in our brand.  With the rebrand, we now have a new logo, new website, but more importantly a stronger brand image that matches our growth.

Our Commitment to Our Communities

We have always recognized the need to assist our communities in the areas of community education, health and social security.  Being a fully owned Zambian micro finance company it’s our commitment to be of assistance to communities not only in job creation but to support causes in education, health and social security.

We have participated and initiated a number of community projects such as building a Police post in Solwezi, donation of school desks to community schools in Chirundu, Kafue, Monze, and donation of health facilities in Chipata.

We are committed to this cause and believe it’s a reflection of our organisation’s empathy.